HARBRIDGE Educational Services in Uzbekistan

February 5, 2007

Harbridge – “Best investment – education”

An idea of creation of the “Harbridge Educational Services Ltd.” (hereafter Harbridge Ltd.) is closely connected with the shortage of available information about various higher education programs for various levels of public in the Republic of  Uzbekistan. Another reason is that general public, in particular new rich layer of population who really want their children to receive very good tertiary education in educational establishments abroad, do not often find all necessary information about such opportunities. Even though they have a lot of surplus in terms of finance, they lack of information where it is best to educate their children, how to do it most efficiently and finally sometimes how to support their children financially. In Tashkent only there are at least 10,000 families who would like to have an access to such information database and service. Thus there is a strong need in expanding this kind of service initially in Uzbekistan, and most likely in other CIS states too.

New offered services would enable these kind of people as well other interested people, i.e. students to find appropriate programs and get some assistance that they may need in order to study abroad with or without a scholarship.

The uniqueness of this service is that Harbridge will not only assist in finding and applying for a relevant program but also find an appropriate scholarship and constructively assist in obtaining that scholarship or any other financial aid. Secondly, the company aims at providing advice about top universities in US like Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Yale as well as top UK universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, London School of Economics and Political Science etc. and other best universities of other countries. The advice, in its broad sense, includes comprehensive instructions about what is really expected from each applicant and rough evaluation client’s success rate in applying to one or another course.